Housing During Delivery/Pregnancy

At PlanUrStay, we understand that pregnancy

is an exciting time for families, but it also brings real concerns about health and safety. One of the biggest worries is access to proper medical facilities on the day of delivery, which can be unpredictable.

That’s why temporary housing during pregnancy near the chosen medical facility is a good solution to prepare for the delivery day. Our suites provide convenience and comfort with all expected amenities, including wireless internet access, flat-screen TVs, and clean kitchen and bathroom facilities. Plus, we add elevators for easy access, making it more comfortable for expectant mothers.

Our temporary housing options are not limited to Mississauga;

we offer our services throughout Canada. Proximity to the chosen hospital is crucial, especially for those who have decided to have the delivery at a larger, modern urban hospital away from their usual residence. This way, expectant families won’t have to worry about long distances, traffic jams, or rush hour when the baby decides to come.

Having the hospital nearby brings peace of mind,

knowing that even in the case of any additional medical concerns or complications, the fully staffed hospital with the latest medical equipment is right there. This way, expectant families can act quickly to get the necessary medical attention without worrying about long-distance travel.

At PlanUrStay,

we offer temporary housing during pregnancy that provides proximity, safety, comfort, and convenience to reduce the stress of the pregnancy period.

Contact us at 416 825-9006 , to find out more about our options for temporary housing during delivery.

Housing During Delivery/Pregnancy

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Housing During Delivery/Pregnancy

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